Bilateral partnership

Official name of partner:
The National Museum in Oslo

Description of the partner and partner´s involvement in the initiative:
The National Museum in Oslo holds, preserves, exhibits, and promotes public knowledge about, Norway's most extensive collections of art, architecture and design. The Museum's exhibition venues in Oslo are the National Gallery (closed due to preparation of moving), the National Museum – Architecture (open for public), Museum of Decorative Arts and Design and Museum of Contemporary Art (closed due to preparation of moving). It also manages Villa Stenersen, which is considered one of the foremost examples of Norwegian functionalism.

In 2021 new building of National Museum will open. Here, the collections of the National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design will be collected under one roof. The new museum will have a permanent exhibition of about 5000 objects. Design, arts and crafts, fine art as well as contemporary art will be exhibited alongside each other. As such, the permanent exhibition will highlight interesting connections between the different collections that previously had been on show at three different museums.

National Museum will cooperate on implementation of the project in the following areas: professional consulting activities and preparation of the study visit of Czech participants to Norway, preparation of workshop in Oslo, active participation on the symposium in Brno with 3 presentation and moderation, presentation of the results of the inspection visit. Based on the results of this project, continuation of cooperation between the two institutions will be formulated.

Iniciativa fondu pro bilaterální vztahy na vnitrostátní úrovni

Initiative from the fund for bilateral relations at national level

Zpráva - iniciativa fondu pro bilaterální vztahy na vnitrostátní úrovni